Saturday, March 14, 2020

My love Essays - Elena Ferretti, I Wanna Go, Free Essays

My love Essays - Elena Ferretti, I Wanna Go, Free Essays My love, Nothing in this world has ever been more beautiful than getting to lay my eyes on you. Youre the reason I live and breathe. You complete me. You make me the happiest girl in the world. You make me want to buy the world, the moon and the stars, and give it all to you. You make me warm like the summer, mess up your hair, sing out of tune, baby I dont care. You make me want to fly over the world, hold your hand, dance in the rain, linger in your eyes, baby it's insane. You make my world go round, the film strip to my life, the music to my ears and the one Ill make my husband. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me me, and see how good life can be. You light up my life, brighter than the sun, fill me full of fun, enter lotteries Ive already won. You make me wanna buy you truck parts, write your name in the diesel smoke on your truck, love you every way I can. You make me wanna swim the sea for one more kiss, hold you for every second of bliss, miss you like Ive never missed. You make me cherish yesterday, love today and live for tomorrow. You pick me up when I fall down, change the direction of any frown, are a prince without a crown. You are my desire, you take me higher, consume me like a fire. You make me drunk off your love, high on your smile, dream of you walking down the isle. You make me wanna see it all said and done, look at us like the lucky ones, live all my life with you the only one. You make me wanna sing more than say, always follow through, listen to your words, the music of my day. You make me forget how to breathe, lose track of time, fall in love, youre more than a dime. You make me wanna love you so, never wanna see you go, teach you all the things I know, yell your name on the radio. You make me wanna fly, you make me wanna soar, you make me wanna hold you forever more. You make me wanna kiss your very core, forget it all, lock the door, stare into the eyes of everything I adore. You make my heart giggle, my butt tickle, and love you the opposite of a little. You make me wanna call you baby, forget about maybe, drive me crazy, youre the craziest man. You make me forget about never, live like forever, love so deep I change the weather. You make me live laughter, immune to disaster, touch my soul, my heart beats faster. I love you forever and ever... happily ever after. Love, Baby Girl 3

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