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U.K Healthcare and U.S Healthcare

Question: Write an essay on U.K Healthcare and U.S Healthcare? Answer: Introduction: This academic writing presents the comparative structure of U.K healthcare and U.S healthcare. The structure of the healthcare system of these two countries has been considered by the researcher. There are some differences within the healthcare systems of these two countries. This writing has provided the comparison between the structure of the healthcare system of United States and United Kingdom. There are huge differences in funding and structure of the healthcare organizations. Person centered approach has been obsolete within U.S while U.K seeks to provide person centered approach to the patients. On the other hand Barten et al. (2009) stated that, healthcare system of United States is often been unfair while NHS (National Healthcare System) of United Kingdom provide availability of work to the people who are needy. Therefore, detail comparisons have been discussed in this report. Funding of healthcare system: According to Curtis et al. (2010), healthcare of United States are insurance based. However, the system of healthcare within United Kingdom is run by the British Government from the very beginning of its journey. The healthcare system of United Kingdom is socialized system of healthcare. National Health System is opened for all people within the society. Healthcare system of United Kingdom has spent more money to the healthcare system of this country. Improved technology is required for the healthcare system of United Kingdom. Todays world has become more challenging as the technology has been acquired a great place. Therefore, this country should decrease various traditional method and increase modern technology while delivering improved healthcare system. Presence of NHS: National Healthcare System of United Kingdom has maintained ethical practices within the society. Many local authorities have been regulated by the National Healthcare System of U.K. The healthcare system of United States can be called as unfair system. People who attend the healthcare from any organization have to pay for the service. While dealing with a minor issue, the people have to pay for all types of treatments within United States. Some people may have some financial problems but the government of United States does not consider the poor financial problems of people (, 2015). On the other hand, as per the regulations of Care Quality Commission of United Kingdom, health inequalities are the subject to reform. Department of Public Health of U.K always tries to protect the health as well as wellbeing of the people of the country. Local bodies of the health department of U.K seek to provide support for the people within the region. NHS provides the chance of partnership for different local organizations of healthcare. Therefore, many palliative care teams also work for the people through partnering with the National Health System of United Kingdom. The Government of United Kingdom has spent a lot of money on the protective medicine. Health department of U.K Government has tried to keep the whole population healthy. Effort of the Health and Wellbeing department of U.K Government has been tried to establish many Health and Wellbeing Board into the local authorities of Government. Healthcare system of United Kingdom is socialized. The aim of this healthcare syst em is open to all people of different levels (, 2015). However, within these days, bureaucracy, lack of improved as well as advanced technology has affected the healthcare system of United Kingdom. Therefore, United Kingdom has taken many initiatives for providing help to the affected people of different regions. National Health System of United Kingdom partners with many healthcare organizations of the world and provides help to the needy people of different regions. For example, to combat with Ebola, NHS has made brilliant effort to help those Ebola affected people of several regions of West Africa. NHS has sent healthcare professionals for serving those affected people. NHS has also sent palliative care team for helping those needy people of that region (, 2015). United States send fund and military for various regions in order to protect the chronic as well as various types of infectious diseases. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of United States and other healthcare agencies of United States have worked with joint partnership of W.HO (World Health Organization) to prevent Ebola within West Africa. CDC has worked with various agencies for safely managing the healthcare staffs of their region. This organization has posted various types of Ebola related message to the travelers of West Africa. Staffs of CDC have delivered healthcare staffs, logistics, analytics, communication materials, support functions and management staffs to the affected place (, 2015). In comparison with U.S and U.K healthcare system, presence of advanced technology has helped to improve the healthcare system of United States while United Kingdom has to put more emphasis on the technological innovation within the healthcare system of United States. Privatized vs. Socialized healthcare: As stated by Foster (2010), privatized healthcare can be more effective for the purpose of health. However, healthcare system of United States has both the private and government interests. On the other hand, healthcare system of United Kingdom only has the funding of government. King of United Kingdom provides fund to various types of healthcare systems of United Kingdom. National Health System is one of the most important examples of effective healthcare. Socialized healthcare often leads to the bureaucratic nature of the society. Bureaucracy stops to raise funds for the services of medical purposes. Huge amount of money has not been given to the management level of healthcare system. Sometime people feel that they cannot acquire healthcare as per their requirements. The Government has forced to gather experience of the healthcare system. Conclusion: Favorable condition of U.S healthcare system is the presence of innovative technology, choice of different health provider etc. People dont have to wait for the service provider of health. Healthcare system of United States is hugely expensive. It can be very difficult for poor people to use the healthcare system of United States. In comparison to the American Healthcare system, British healthcare system is less expensive than America. Presence of NHS has maintained an ethical practice within this system. However, Healthcare system of U.K is lacking from advanced technology and bureaucratic system has affected the health scenario of United Kingdom. Reference lists Books Barten, F., Fustukian, S. and De Haan, S. (2009) The Occupational Health Needs of Workers: A New International Approach. Social Justice, 23 Journals Curtis, L., Moriarty, J. and Netten, A. (2010) The expected working life of a social worker, British Journal of Social Work, 40, 5, 1628à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ 1643. Foster, J. (2010) Where are we going? The Social Work Contribution to Mental Health Services, London: Social Perspectives Network. Websites, (2015). Welcome to AMSA. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Mar. 2015]., (2015). CIVITAS: the Institute for the Study of Civil Society. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Mar. 2015]., (2015). WHO/Europe | Home. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Mar. 2015]., (2015). Welcome to GOV.UK. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Mar. 2015]., (2015). 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